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Happy Tails!!

Chance formerly Donny

I adopted Chance (formerly Donny) a beautiful flame point ragdoll in the summer of 2009.  For 2 days he was the calmest kitten I've ever had.  On day 3 he became incredibly ill, and was rushed to my Uncle's veterinarian clinic in Middletown NY, where he underwent late-night emergency surgery that no one expected him to survive.  His intestines had been twisted and were rotting inside him, something no one could have foreseen.  They removed 7 inches of intestine and waited to see how he would do.  Miraculously,  he survived, and quickly became a favorite with all the techs and volunteers at the office.  When he was finally able to come home, I realized that he was only calm before the surgery because he was so sick.  He was such a terror that I adopted another kitten to play with him.  The two are now bonded and are rarely out of each others sight, they have a great time racing around the house and watching the birds at the feeder . 

                Chance is the quirkiest cat I've ever had; he prefers to eat vegetables (he'll attempt to climb our leg for a green bean) and won't touch any sort of meat, he plays fetch with my parents' dogs, he loves to sit close to the TV and watch what's on, he wags his tail, he never sits normally, he's the most ungraceful cat in the world, he can't jump, and he's walked into the lake multiple times where he realizes he can't swim and has to be rescued. 
His beautiful baby blue eyes and flame point coloring often stop people in their tracks, and he thrives on the attention.  Everyone loves his looks, quirks and floppy ragdoll ways, he's such a sweet and dopey cat.  I am so thankful for the staff at Thomas J. O'Conner for rescuing him, and for the vets who saved his life, every night when Chance curls up on my chest and purrs himself to sleep.



We adopted Chance (formerly known as Cole) last November. He was the kitty that you rescued in September with the burns on his face and sides from the PVTA bus garage. Chance is doing far better than anyone could have imagined. He lives with 3 other cats, indoors all the time and he has a very happy life. When we ever found out that he was considered to be basically un-adoptable and at best he could end up as a barn cat it just broke our hearts. I was told that he would never be a lap-cat, he was just very unruly and even a little aggressive at times. I'm very happy to tell you that he is a big lovable overgrown kitten! He had some trauma and it took him a little while to recover and I thank you for giving him the time that you did. By the time we brought him home he was ready for a family. The whole world is his toy and believe me when I tell you he plays with everything all the time! He sleeps on the bed by my feet, he greets me when I come home from work, he talks the way cats do when he has something to tell me. One more thing; he really isn't a lap cat. He prefers to sit on my chest or on my shoulder so that he can be right in front of my face! He's learned that the folks he lives with now don't like it if he scratches them (even if he is just playing) and if you bite someone's foot (while they are sleeping) you will be banished from the bed for the rest of the night. He knows that Molly (the 12 year old cat) doesn't like to play very often, Kole (the 7 year old cat) does like to play and likes to play roughly (a good match for Chance) and Lucky (well we aren't sure how old she is) will share the window with him. He knows this is his home and I think he likes it here. He had a bad run of luck for a little while but once he had the chance he really needed and deserved the friendly and lovable cat in him came out again.


Thanks again!



I adopted Big Blake from you in Aug. of this year I fell in love with him when I met him.  He is a very big gentle boy.  His new name is Barney and he must like it because he comes running to us immediately when we call him. 

 Barney gets along very well with his two brothers Salem and Pugsley and sleeps on the bed with them every night.  Barney loves to watch me work outdoors and follows me around with Salem.  I built some stone walls and added some high driveway stone pillars recently that Barney loves to perch on.  I have sent a picture of him hanging out on one of them this week. 

 He is a happy mellow boy and we just love him.  Thank you for letting Barney move to our home.  We will continue to send you pictures of him.




TJ O'Connor Volunteers and Staff,

It has been a week with Ginger and we are sooo happy to have been able to adopt her.  She is such a sweet dog and seems to have settled in, in a matter of hours.  You all mentioned how sweet she was....You couldn't have been more right!  I know you were all sad to see her go.  We would like to share a couple of pictures of her with you.   When we left TJ O'Connor's last Saturday, I think Ginger knew she was going home...she slept almost all the way to Northampton.  We will plan to keep you updated on her.
Thank you for taking such great care of her when she was with you.

Mel and Bob


Dear T.J. O'connor Staff,

I am writing to tell you how happy we are that Chester is in our home!  He is such a happy go lucky kind of fellow!He is well liked, and loved everywhere he goes (he goes everywhere he can with us).  People always comment on how well behaved he is.  He is a fifteen pound bundle of joy!  We like to think he rescued us.

Sincerely, Zoë Rosenthal


Hello to all the nice people at the TJ O'Connor Adoption Center!

When I was at your shelter a few months back you knew me by Chunk, Hazel, or Helen. My new mom thought Chunk was really cute (like me!) so she still calls me Chunk, or Chunk-a-Monk, or Chunky Monkey. I have lost a few pounds thanks to my diet dog food and by happily gulping my glucosamine treats I am quite spritely. Food is still my favorite thing and when it's feeding time I feel obligated to show my gratitude by putting on a hoppy skippy dance show in the kitchen so Mom knows I appreciate the vittles! Thanks for the recent call about the spay clinic but Mom already got me "fixed" and while I was under they took all of my rotten teeth (there were a lot!) so now my breath is sweet and my mouth doesn't hurt at all. I get along great with the dogs and cats in the house and love walking with my dog pals in the woods where we live... lots of stuff to sniff and roll in! I am pretty good (for an old gal) with the housetraining but I don't have to worry about "holding it" while Mom's at work because this guy Michael comes and takes us for walks and he thinks I am adorable! Actually, everyone says I am the sweetest thing! I have attached a few pictures of me lounging and rolling in the meadow behind the house. I just wanted to say "thank you" and let you know how happy and healthy I am!

Best Wishes!

Chunk the Beagle

Thomas J. O'Connor Animal Control & Adoption Center, 627 Cottage Street, Springfield, MA 01104