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Our 501c3 non-profit fundraising organization, the Thomas J. O'Connor Animal Control and Adoption Center Foundation is committed to enriching the lives of the homeless animals in our care.

The TJO Foundation was formed to enable us to treat adoptable animals who may not be quite ready for a new home when they arrive at our facility.
Contributions are tax-deductible and are received directly into the TJO Foundation account, managed by a board of directors, and spending is at the recommendation of the TJO staff.

Please click donate to invest in a better future for our animals!  Checks can be made payable to the TJO Foundation and can be sent to 627 Cottage Street  Springfield, MA 01104. Online donations can be made through the Foundation for TJO Animals at:

For more information please email 

Wish List

Thank you for wanting to support the Thomas J. O’Connor Animal Control & Adoption Center. We have included information for our retail wish lists below, as well as information about donating items. For financial donations, please visit:

Retail Wish Lists~ 

Chewy Wish List: Thomas J. O'Connor Animal Control & Adoption Center Foundation | Chewy

Amazon Wish List:

Food & Treat Donations

Our shelter dogs are always happy for donations of wet food- any brand, flavor or texture. Favorite treats tend to fall in the “soft and chewy” category, such as Zuke’s, Rachel Ray, or Milo’s kitchen. Other favorites include chicken breast treats, beef jerky, pig ears, or other items that provide long lasting opportunities for chewing. We also love donations of hot dogs- any brand. Hot dogs help us to make friends with nervous dogs and in small quantities, make for a nice treat for any dog in the shelter.

When we medicate dogs we use hot dogs and spray cheese (Easy Cheese) in conservative and safe amounts to convince them to eat their medicine. Donations of hot dogs and spray cheese are always appreciated!

The cats in the shelter are always happy to receive donations of pate style food in poultry or beef flavors. When kitten season arrives we greatly appreciate donations of kitten specific food to help babies grow big and strong and to help moms stay healthy and producing plenty of milk.

We consistently feed our dogs and cats Dave’s Natural Brand dry kibble food. We stick with the same type of dry food each day to minimize GI upset for our animals. When we receive donations of other brands of dry food we share this food with organizations such as Dakin Humane Society for their pet food bank, or Urban Wildlife Rehab for feeding animals in their care. 

Cozy Items

We are able to accept donations of gently used blankets, comforters, and towels. We are not able to use blankets with a crocheted or loose weave. We worry about animals getting their legs caught in these types of blankets. Fleece blankets are a particular favorite.

We are not able to use fitted sheets, bed pillows, mattress pads, mattresses, or stuffed animals made for children. We worry about animals destroying these types of items and ingesting the filling. Nobody likes surgery for foreign bodies or blockages!

Cleaning Items

We appreciate receiving donations of cleaning items such as bleach, paper towels, dish soap, and laundry detergent. As you can imagine, we go through LOTS of bleach on a daily basis and have multiple loads of laundry and dishes to do each day.

Odds & Ends

Postage stamps, leashes, collars, Martingale collars, batteries, empty pill bottles, gift cards to area retailers (Big-Y, Stop & Shop, Home Depot). We always appreciate gift cards to Amazon & Chewy. Grocery store gift cards help us to purchase fresh veggies when we have rabbits or guinea pigs in our care.

What NOT to Donate

While we appreciate people wanting to support us, there are certain items we are not able to utilize at the shelter. Unfortunately when we receive items that we are not able to use we have to discard them. When our dumpster is too full this is an additional cost to the shelter, so we truly appreciate receiving only items that we can put to good use.

Opened/Expired bags of food

Used litter boxes and/or used litter boxes with feces (Yes- we have received this as a donation many times!)

Torn blankets/bedding & Fitted Sheets

Bed Pillows


Children’s Stuffed Animals

Broken Crates and Kennels

Dog Food Containers

Flexi Leads/Leashes

Choke and/or Prong Collars and Chain Leashes

Snuggies or other Human Clothes

Other Places to Donate:

Other area organizations may be able to use items that TJO can not. Please remember to check in with organizations prior to donating.

Urban Wildlife Rehab:

                This 501c3 has licensed rehabilitators who work with wild animals in need. They are able to use opened bags of dog and cat food.








Thomas J. O'Connor Animal Control & Adoption Center, 627 Cottage Street, Springfield, MA 01104