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Pam formerly known as Lucia

Pam (formerly known as Lucia) came in to TJO as a stray dog from Springfield in February of 2021. She was quickly a staff favorite, always greeting people with a happy wiggly tail and soft friendly snorts.

Despite these great qualities, we knew she needed a home that would be able to provide her with some training and structure. Pam could easily become very silly, jumping all over people and unaware of her own strength. She was also in need of a home prepared to provide her with a hypoallergenic diet for life. She had arrived at TJO with patchy, itchy skin but with a careful diet her skin began to clear up. This is a common issue in pitbulls and something that can become more of an issue with age, sometimes requiring medication.

Pam had a few meets, but she was just too much dog for some adopters. Some adopters were put off by her potential medical issues and strong energy.

It wasn't until Cerena came in to meet her with her partner that we knew she had found the perfect fit. Cerena asked great questions about potential medical and training issues, carefully considering what a lifetime commitment to caring for this sweet girl would mean. We could not have been more happy to see Pam leave with such a thoughtful adoptive family.

Pam's new family recently sent in some photos of their girl. It is clear Pam is enjoying her new life and getting lots of love! Her family reports she is a big snuggler and is doing very well on her walks, not tugging and staying right by their side.

Thank you to Pam's family for taking the time to consider her needs before jumping in to adoption. We are always striving to match adopter's with pets that fit in to their lives and vice versa. We very much appreciate when adopters are considerate of the process and open to asking the important questions. Thank you for giving Pam a great home!

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