Animal Control

Our 5 Animal Control Officers and facility provide animal control services to three area cities -- Springfield, Chicopee and Holyoke. We are one of the largest regional animal control programs in the state. It is our goal to make this region a model for other animal control services.

We provide temporary housing for over 3,200 stray and abandoned animals each year. We respond to over 4,000 animal-related calls annually. We also provide 10-day rabies quarantine housing for unvaccinated animals that have bitten either humans or other domestic animals. Owners of biting animals are responsible for quarantine housing fees at TJO.

Our primary service is that of public health and safety. We are well-versed in rabies and zoonotic disease issues for the safety of our citizens. Our officers respond to domestic animal-related calls seven days a week from 7am-10pm and will respond to emegency calls 24 hours per day, 365 days per year.  Each TJO animal control officer is certified through the Massachusetts Animal Fund and Animal Control Officers Association of Massachusetts. Our ACO's attend continuing education classes year-round.

All stray dogs are mandated by Massachusetts state law to be held for 7 days. In Massachusetts, there is no required holding period for cats.If unclaimed, animals are evaluated for both health and temperament prior to being made available for adoption.  Dogs are evaluated more thoroughly for temperament to help ensure they will be safe, enjoyable companions.

The facility has an in-house veterinarian four days per week, responsible for shelter animal wellness and sterilization surgery. Adoptable animals are spayed or neutered, vaccinated and screened for other health concerns.  Every dog and cat is microchipped at the time of adoption.


What to do if you find an animal


If you find a dog: Please contact Animal Control at 413-781-1484 x 1. If you receive the voicemail please leave a message with your information and call back number. Our officers are frequently on the road but the line is checked often between 7AM-10PM daily (after-hours emergency calls are monitored by our answering service). If you are able to safely confine the animal and read any tags (if it has any on) please be ready to relay that information to the officer. An ACO is available for routine canine pick ups daily from 7AM-10PM.

If you find a cat: Please contact Animal Control at 413-781-1484 x 1. The officer may ask you questions regarding the appearance of the cat, how long it has been in your area, if it is wearing a collar, seems injured, etc. This helps ensure we make the best decision possible regarding pick up or attempted owner reunion of any found cat. If you are concerned about or have found feral/wild cats or kittens in your area, please call us. We are happy to discuss TNR (trap-neuter-return) options for community cats.

If you have found injured or orphaned wildlife: TJO Animal Control is not licensed to rehabilitate injured or orphaned wildlife but we may be able to assist or provide resources. A list of local licensed rehabbers can be found on the state website by clicking here.  TJO is also not licensed or permitted to handle nuisance wildlife (ground hogs under sheds, skunks digging in gardens, etc). These inquiries should be directed to licensed wildlife removal companies or PAC agents. A list of PAC agents may be found on the state website by clicking here.

If you are missing an animal please call us at 413-781-1484 x 1 to file a lost report or email information and a picture of your companion to

If you have been bitten by a domestic animal please contact the Animal Control line at 413-781-1484 x 1. If you have been bit by a wild animal or located a bat in your home, please contact your local health department regarding rabies exposure and testing.

To report suspected animal cruelty please contact us at 413-781-1484 x 1. You may also contact your local police department or the MSPCA Law Enforcement Division at 1-800-628-5808.