Foster Program


The Thomas J. O'Connor and Adoption Center Program provides respite for hundreds of animals that are not yet ready for adoption yearly. Foster volunteers give vulnerable animals a chance to live in the comfort of a loving home. Fostering animals is the single greatest volunteer need within our organization. Simply put, fostering saves lives.

Foster candidates are animals who aren't quite ready for adoption, including orphaned or very young kittens and animals recuperating from illness, injury, or medical procedures. Some cats and dogs simply need an attentive foster caregiver to help them become more confident and trusting. Many foster animals require special medical attention, including administering daily medicine, or other specified medical care. Other animals may benefit from a safe, quiet home environment where specific behaviors can improve with increased confidence and positive reinforcement. 

TJO Responsibilities:

  1. Medical treatment, medications, and medical supplies.
  2. Provide food, litter, scale (to weigh infant animals), bedding, crates, thermometers etc.
  3. Provide support and resources when appropriate.

Foster Responsibilities:

  1. Attend the Welcome Session, and the appropriate Safe Animal Handling session (dates found on the Volunteer page).
  2. All of your pets must meet all local and state ordinance requirements.
  3. Follow all prescribed medical & behavioral treatment instructions.
  4. Bring animals to the adoption center as needed for medical care and treatment.
  5. Keep cats and kittens in a single indoor room or crate, separate from the rest of the household.
  6. Communicate any changes in behavior or medical condition to the TJO Adoption Center staff immediately.
  7. Agree not to use corrective/punitive devices or techniques with any animal (shock, prong, leash jerks, physical punishment, deterrent sprays, or startle devices).

Foster Application