Too Young to Volunteer?

For Safety Reasons, you must be 18 or older to volunteer at the TJO shelter. However that doesn't mean you can't help animals in our area! There are many ways in which you can make a difference in the lives of the animals that live here at TJO and all the animals in our community!

Have Fun Raising Funds!

  • Organize a Donation Drive! Organizing a donation drive is a great activity for your school! Collect items to donate to TJO! Create colorful posters, flyers and banners advertising your drive. Ask your family and friends to help and to donate! Schedule a time to drop off your donations and see exactly how your donations will help!
  • Host a Car Wash, Bake Sale, or Tag Sale! Advertise your event in advance throughout your community! Make homemade dog treats for a bake sale! Donate the proceeds to the Foundation for TJO Animals and know you are helping to make a big difference in the lives of the animals here!
  • Get active! Organize a sporting event or a walk! Ask your family, friends, and teachers to participate! Donating your proceeds to the Foundation helps us take care of the animals!
  • Loose Change Drive! Create collection canisters out of coffee cans (or similar container) and decorate them! Ask everyone you know to donate his/her loose change, or even hold a drive at your school - you would be surprised at how fast it adds up! All money donated to the Foundation for  TJO Animals goes directly to help take care of the animals here. 

These are just some ideas for ways you can help! Get creative and have fun! The Foundation for TJO Animals holds fundraising events such as the Jack Rome Memorial Walk/Run, Pets Rock!, Ride Like an Animal Motorcycle Run, and the Pawzaar craft fair, as well as many smaller events throughout the year. The Foundation is always looking for volunteers who want to help out at these events. No age restrictions for events.

For all fundraising questions, please contact the Foundation for TJO Animals at For more information about the Foundation, and a direct link, please visit the Foundation for TJO Animals page.